Owl Encounter

£110 per person for 3 hours
AGE 14+

A very unique experience for all grown-up owl fans! Get hands-on and fly a variety of beautiful owls from amongst the smallest to the largest. Owls are one of the most enigmatic groups of animals in the world and they stir great passion in those that admire them.

Guests will handle and fly a variety of owl species in this three-hour experience whilst under the expert guidance of a professional falconer.

Most of the owls that you will fly have been raised and trained here at the centre and as a result, they are extremely trusting of humans and enjoy our company. Owl Encounter is an experience you will never forget if they are a favourite, this is the one for you!

As with all our outdoor experiences, we ask that clients wear suitable clothing for all weather conditions, which should include flat shoes. We will provide all the appropriate safety equipment where necessary.

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